Industrial Shellfish Aquaculture

Environmental Effects

Industrial Shellfish Aquaculture Adverse Impact Summary – March 2013
Impacts of Mussel Rafts In Puget Sound
The Social and Environmental Impacts of Industrial Aquaculture in Washington State
Ocean Acidification in Washington State – Why Are Washington Officials Focusing on Non Native Pacific Oysters Instead of Native Species?

Human Health Effects

Pesticide Application In Public Waters By Shellfish Growers

CARBARYL Glyphosate Tolerances
Effects of Pesticides on Shellfish

Illness Caused By Shellfish

FDA Oyster Ban Press Release

Cadmium Documents

Assessment of Human Health Risks
Heavy Metal Levels and the Risk to Humans – Widmeyer/Bendell-Young
Cadmium in Oysters and Scallops: The BC Experience
MERCD – Marine Environmental Research – 
Source of Dietary Cadmium to Pacific Oyster
MPBCD – Marine Pollution Bulletin – Spacial …Variations in Cadmium
Bone Resorption
Proposed International Standards – Ian Stupakoff, July 24, 2007
Cadmium, Environmental Exposure and Health Outcomes
Cadmium, Environmental Exposure and Health Outcomes R02
Cadmium, Dietary Exposure and Cancer

Map of Shellfish Culture Areas in South Puget Sound
Puget Sound
Washington Coast

Finfish Aquaculture

Finfish Aquaculture Adverse Impacts on the Environment and Human Health Summary
Harmful Aquaculture chemicals
Nutritional Guidelines

Other Studies and Miscellaneous Documentation

NOAA Washington Aquaculture Opportunities
Aquaculture Industry Methods
Invasive Species – Ecological Impacts
US Army Corp NWP_48 04-28-2009
Organotin Research — PVC Ingredient
Center for Biological Diversity Petition to Add Plastics as Pollutant under Clean Water Act
Microplastics in the Marine Environment
Vegetation Removal
Southern Resident Whales
Department of Ecology – Geoduck Nursery Pools
Department of Ecology – Public Trust
Effects of Aquaculture on Habitat use by Wintering Shorebirds
Puget Sound Partnership Biodiversity Aquaculture Threats
Puget Sound Partnership Habitat Threats
Pacific Shellfish Institute 2015 Goals
Association for Responsible Shellfish Farming – Aquaculture Ecology Summaries

Plant and Animal Eradication, Known As Pest Management by the Aquaculture Industry

Pest Management Strategic Plan – March 11, 2010