Shellfish Growers Netting Off Puget Sound Shorelines

The Coalition is hearing from more and more citizens about the negative impacts of industrial aquaculture practices in area waters. These images depict a small part of those impacts—in the form of plastic netting used in geoduck production. These nets, combined with other practices used throughout the geoduck production cycle on these tidelands, restrict the natural ecosystem, as well as citizens’ own access to the natural beauty of Puget Sound.

Aerial Aqua-Rocky Bay-Taylor Kingman-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-North Bay-TaylorKingman-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-Minterbay TaylorKingman-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-Kingman Property-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-Harstein Island-Peale Pass-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-Eld Inlet-July 5 2016

Aerial Aqua-Case Inlet-Taylor Foss-July 5 2016 1

Aerial Aqua-Burley Taylor_2-July 5 2016


Case Inlet-NorthBay-Taylor Site-Summer 2016