Experts Testify Before the Shoreline Hearings Board

The Coalition, on behalf of citizens in Washington State, presented to the Washington Shoreline Hearings Board environmental and social documentation that supports why new geoduck aquaculture permits should not be issued. The following presentations by scientific experts provide insight into the adverse effects of geoduck aquaculture both on a site specific and cumulative impact basis:

A Review of Adverse Effects from Industrial Geoduck Aquaculture Sites in South Puget Sound
Jim Johannessen, Coastal Geologic Services, Inc. — Coastal Geomorphology and Coastal Geology Analysis of Proposed Henderson Inlet, and Eld Inlet Geoduck and Clam Farms, Thurston County, WA
Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research Institute — Effects of Plastic Pollution from Bivalve Shellfish Aquaculture in South Puget Sound
Daniel Penttila, Salish Sea Biological — A Review of Effects on Forage Fishes, Zooplankton and Marine Vegetation from Three Geoduck/Clam Farm Proposals in Henderson Inlet and One Proposal in Eld Inlet, Thurston County, WA
Gary Ritchie, Ph.D. — Price/VanBlaricom Geoduck Aquaculture Harvesting Study Lacks Statistical Rigor