Posts made in October, 2013

Guest: What we can do about ocean acidification and climate change

Seattle Times — originally published October 9, 2013 Meeting the challenge of ocean acidification will require action at a level not yet seen from government, industry and individuals, write guest columnists Jay Manning and Bill Taylor. THE Seattle Times’ recent outstanding series on ocean acidification “Sea Change” stands as an uncomfortably vivid warning that our marine world — and the economies and lifestyles that depend on it — is under siege. The images of coral reefs and oyster larvae ravaged by ocean acidification provide haunting notice to Northwest residents of the consequences of inaction. Though the perils of ocean acidification are...

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Ocean Acidification and Northwest Shellfish: Did the Seattle Times Get the Story Right?

Cliff Mass Weather Blog — October 9, 2013 Last month, the Seattle Times ran a glossy, three-part story called “Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn” where it discussed the impacts of ocean acidification resulting from increasing CO2 in the atmosphere. The article made some strong claims that increasing atmospheric CO2 and the resulting acidification of the oceans and coastal waters were causing acute problems today for the shellfish industry in the Northwest. The third part of this series described how oyster larvae grown in Northwest shellfish farms had high mortality in 2005-2009, mortality that the ST blames on CO2-induced acidification of the...

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Experts Testify Before the Shoreline Hearings Board

The Coalition, on behalf of citizens in Washington State, presented to the Washington Shoreline Hearings Board environmental and social documentation that supports why new geoduck aquaculture permits should not be issued. The following presentations by scientific experts provide insight into the adverse effects of geoduck aquaculture both on a site specific and cumulative impact basis: A Review of Adverse Effects from Industrial Geoduck Aquaculture Sites in South Puget Sound Jim Johannessen, Coastal Geologic Services, Inc. — Coastal Geomorphology and Coastal Geology Analysis of Proposed Henderson Inlet, and Eld Inlet Geoduck and Clam Farms, Thurston County, WA Captain...

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